Contents: Loving Psychoanalysis: Technique and Theory in the Therapeutic Relationship

Acknowledgements vii
Introduction 1

  1. On the Mirror Stage with Henry and Eliza: Or, Play-ing with Pygmalion in Five Acts 7
  2. Catching the Wrong Leopard: Courage and Masochism in the Psychoanalytic Situation 31
  3. Beauty Treatment: The Aesthetics of the Psychoanalytic Process 49
  4. To Have and to Hold: On the Experience of Having an Other 71
  5. Nothing but the Truth: Self-disclosure, Self-revelation, and the Persona of the Analyst 95
  6. In the Mind's Eye: Or, Yon Can't Spell "Psychoanalysis" Without C-H-A-O-S 117

References 137
Index 147
About the Author 155

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