Contents: Books in our future : Perspectives and Proposals

The Book in the Future Project

I. The Advisors 1
II. Reading and Learning 25

  • A Nation at Risk - excerpts National Commission on Excellence in Education 26
  • Illiteracy in the United States 40 Charles A. Goodrum and Helen Dalrymple
  • Becoming a Nation of Readers - excerpts Commission on Reading, National Academy of Education 52
  • The London Declaration: Towards a Reading Society Unesco World Congress on Books, 1982 72
  • The Centrality of Reading 76 Jacques Barzun
  • The Computer and the Book: The Perils of Coexistence 84 Edmund D. Pellegrino

III. Reading and Society 91

  • The 1983 Consumer Research Study on Reading and Book Purchasing: A Summary 92 Joseph F. Brinley, Jr.
  • Reading in the United States 106 Charles A. Goodrum and Helen Dalrymple
  • Reading in an Audiovisual and Electronic Era 116 Dan Lacy
  • The New Literacy 126 Benjamin M. Compaine
  • The Future of Reading 140 Jacques Barzun

IV. Technology and the Future of the Book 149

  • The Computer and the Book 150 Charles A. Goodrum and Helen Dalrymple
  • The Electronic Library 180 Kenneth E. Dowlin
  • The Human Side of the Technological Revolution 202 James R. Squire
  • The Paperless Society Revisited 212 F. Wilfrid iMncaster

V. The Book Professions: Publishing 219

  • The Book in the Future: A Publisher's Perspective 220 Simon Michael Bessie
  • Electronic Publishing: Its Impact on the Distribution of Information 232 F. Wilfrid Ijmcaster
  • Spreading the Word 242 Morris Philipson
  • The Book and Literature in the 1980s 250 Dan Lacy

VI. The Book Professions: Librarianship 257

  • Realities: Educational Reform in a Learning Society Task Force on Excellence in Education, American Library Association 258
  • Alliance for Excellence: Librarians Respond to A Nation at Risk - excerpts The Libraries and a Learning Society Project, U.S. Department of Education 270
  • Books, Publishing, Libraries in the Information Age 276 Ann Heidbreder Eastman
  • Beyond Bibliography 302 Frederick G. Kilgour
  • New Wine, New Bottles 318 Warren J. Haas
  • The Library Business and the Future 330 William J. Welsh

VII. Books Present and Future 339

  • Freedom and Equality of Access to Information - su m mary and conclusions Commission on Freedom and Equality of Access to Information, American Library Association, Dan Lacy, Chair 340
  • Books in Our Future - excerpts 358 Librarian of Congress Daniel J. Boorstin

Bibliography 375
Index 389


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