Contents: A Companion to the Works of Johann Gottfried Herder

Acknowledgments vii
List of Abbreviations ix
Introduction 1 Hans Adler and Wulf Koepke

  1. Herder's Life and Works 15 Steven D. Martinson
  2. Herder's Epistemology 43 Marion Heinz and Heinrich Clairmont
  3. Herder and Historical Metanarrative: What's Philosophical about History? 65 John Zammito
  4. Herder's Concept of Humanitdt 93 Hans Adler
  5. Herder and Language 117 Jiirjjen Trabant
  6. Herder's Aesthetics and Poetics 141 Stefan Greif
  7. Myth, Mythology, New Mythology 165 Ulrich Gaier
  8. Particular Universals: Herder on National Literature, Popular Literature, and World Literature 189 Karl Menkes
  9. Herder's Views on the Germans and Their Future Literature 215 Wulf Koepke
  10. Herder's Biblical Studies 233 Christoph Bultmann
  11. Herder's Theology 247 Martin Kessler
  12. Herder and Politics 277 Arnd Bohm
  13. Herder's Poetic Works, His Translations, and His Views on Poetry 305 Gerhard Sander
  14. Herder's Style 331 Hans Adler
  15. Herder as Critical Contemporary 351 Robert E. Norton
  16. Herder in Office: His Duties as Superintendent of Schools 373 Harro Mtiller-Michaels
  17. Herder's Reception and Influence 391 Giinter Arnold, Kurt Kloocke, and Ernest A. Menze

Bibliography 421
Notes on the Contributors 459
Index 463

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