Rules governing the electronic sources

Access to databases and other electronic sources distributed in the computer network of the University of Silesia is conditional upon the carrier and licence requirements. Presented below you will find signs informing of the type of access to electronic sources:

  1. ONLINE-UŚ – access within the University’s computer network, activates upon clicking the name of the base. No additional logging in required.
  2. ONELOG – access via system OneLog which enables using bases stored on CD-ROMs or bases with limited access. Each Department within the University has a different login and password which you need to use in order to log into the system.
  3. ONE-COMPUTER – access possible solely from selected computers in selected libraries.
  4. FREE ACCESS – databases available on the Internet free of charge, included in the list of bases that the University subscribes to due to their usefulness for the academic purposes.

Important! OneLog comprises all bases set out in points 1,2 and 4, as well as electronic magazines. Additionally, OneLog makes it possible for electronic sources of the University of Silesia to be accessed by users who are using computers located outside the University network. In order to create an individual account within the OneLog system, it is necessary to fill in the user card and sign a declaration of compliance with copyright and licence requirements. Accounts may be created in the Information Centre of the Library of the University of Silesia, at ul. Bankowa 14, room 413, in Katowice.

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